October 12, 2019 | Construction Junction

Mapping Pittsburgh's Watersheds


Watersheds are sites of interconnection: they link communities, supply our drinking water, and sustain ecosystems. In collaboration with artist Katy DeMent, we assessed the significance of Pittsburgh’s regional watershed system and created a handmade paper watershed map of Pittsburgh. We also engaged with a “Digital Sandbox” provided by CivicMapper and 3 Rivers Wet Weather. This interactive augmented reality “sandbox” demonstrated Pittsburgh's unique topography in relation to the regional watershed ecosystem. 

“The WaterWalks paper-making event was so much fun! I still have the paper map I made hanging in my room. Every time I see it, I am reminded of the importance of understanding and reevaluating the way I think about water and our ecosystem. From the shredded dollar bills to the leaves and bark that together created my paper, I can’t help but think more deeply about the connection between the natural and the human-made. How tragic it is to see how nature has fueled our economy, and how in turn, industry is destroying our ecosystem. WaterWalks has truly made an impact on how I think about our environment and how I can participate in the movement to end injustice to the very ecosystem that sustains us.”


      - Shruti Murali, Carnegie Mellon University Student

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